Cool Free Things Online To Use for Your Stuff 👍

Hey gang.

I thought I’d start a little thread about interesting free things/offers/etc you may find online that could be helpful to someone here on the forum.

Every month I check in at as they have freebies from all of their different sites. Themes, Wordpress Plugins, Audio for your site, psds. and so on.

Here’s a direct link to the page that has the goods -

Feel free to contribute as I’m sure each of us knows little things here and there online and probably thinks “Well everyone probably knows that” when that’s usually not the case.


PS: Just click on each one individually DO NOT add them all to the cart. They are free if you download them each by themselves.

How to do it:


another awesome share…cheers to you @Fonzie …looking forward to your next one :slight_smile:

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Really nice share @Fonzie , I am sure members will appreciate it.

I can’t think of anything myself off the top of my head, but I will keep this in mind and come back when I have something to share as well :smiley:

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thanks for the share!

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Thank you Fonzie!!! Never knew about this monthly freebie, could have probably saved some money over the years and now I will :smiley:

One downside tho is that it doesn’t include updates like regular sales.

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Nice share i also suggest VIDEOBLOCKS and PIXALBAY i subscribed to them and after a few days they send you a trial to download all kind of random HD video clips

You can check out Stencil for re-sizing images according to social network, there’s a free version and you can create max of 10 images each month.

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Freebies from Themeforest for March

*download each individually


Might as well bump this while I’m at it.

This is for July:


Thanks dude, this is amazingly helpful! I’m learning Android coding atm haha and there was a free APK game for download. Awesome share!

Themeforest update for April


Couple-a cool things this month

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Thanks man, but I don’t get it I add these to my cart (I’m logged in) one by one and go to checkout where it asks me to pay full price. Am I missing something here?

Yeah it can be wonky.

What normally happens to me, even though I’m logged in, is that it’ll say “log in” on the button and I just refresh the page and it works. You 'd think they’d have it fixed by now but as long as you’re doing it one by one give that a shot should work.

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Ahh OK got it… will try it like that, thanks :+1:

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Thanks a lot mate, will make sure to check this one out :ok_hand:

October Update

Some cool stuff this month.

Kinda blah this month November

But it’s free!

Have at it boys.

(Brought to you by your friendly neighboorhood Themeforest shill :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )


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