Copy-paste MP folder on my computer

Hello, I’m using Amazon Free vps and I’m trying to move on a different computer but MP folder is about 1Gb and everytime I try to copy-paste it on my computer (even zipped) I get some kind of error… any tip?

How are you doing the copy-paste? through remote desktop? Try sharing one of your drives from your computer on the vps, then move it there. You will find how to share a drive in the amazon free vps guide.

upload it to

What error are you getting exactly? Maybe you can post a screen-shot of it here.

Did you try uploading it to dropbox or similar service instead of ?

Try not to do any other action while copying.Just copy+paste and leave your computer to do its thing.

I’m trying sharing drives from my computer on vps as suggested by Johnny… process is really slow but it seems to be the right one…thank you all, I’ll let you know!

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Finally I did it! But I’ve to say that sharing folder is not the faster way to do it… In the end I simply uploaded my mp zipped folder on drobox and it took only 5 minutes… The simplest way was the most effective!