4G LTE mobile proxies - Private device for each proxy - USA, UK, LT, FR, ES, DE countries available - 4G proxy marketplace from various sellers

Hello! Welcome to 4G mobile proxy marketplace thread here on MPSocial.

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Visit our website:

We are premium 4G LTE mobile proxy sellers. Our 4G proxies come straight from SIM cards and physical devices. We only sell dedicated proxies.

1 device - 1 proxy - 1 customer.

We have a full-ready dashboard that will allow you to easily manage your proxies.​

Available proxy countries and cities:

  • United States - Florida, Texas, New York or Pennsylvania (T-Mobile) - $109 per month

  • United Kingdom - Cambridge or Derby cities (Three) - $79 per month

  • Lithuania - Vilnius (Telia and Bite) - $59 per month

  • France - Paris (SFR) - $89 per month

  • Spain - Madrid (Orange Espana) - $79 per month

  • Germany - Cologne (Vodafone) - $99 per month

  • Residential proxy VPN is also available. Just ask us for OpenVPN config for any of your proxies!

Coronium 4G proxies main features

Dashboard proxy management features:

  • Rotate via button click
  • Rotate via API link
  • Check status via API link
  • Set rotation interval
  • IP Whitelisting
  • Easily renew your proxies and track how much time is left
  • Residential proxy VPN is available. Just ask us for OpenVPN config for any of your proxies!

Other pricing plans:
We also have weekly plans available for longer periods of testing.
We also have 24 hour plans available for shorter periods of testing.

Do you offer unlimited data?:
Yes. We offer unlimited data on all proxies.

Where our proxies come from?:
Our proxies come straight from physical devices with SIM cards in it. So it’s raw 4G mobile connection.

Other features:
Both HTTP(s)/SOCKS5 protocols available
Proxies automatically delivered instantly after payment in our dashboard (

Payment methods:
Bitcoin or Credit Card

Contact us:
Very quick replies using live chat in our website
Telegram: @coroniumio

Refund policy:
You’re entitled for a 100% refund if the delivered service is not working as claimed or promoted.

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Let’s just sit down and make our projects awesome. Whatever your creative mind comes up with – our friendly customer support team will always give you advice and help with all the technicalities.

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The sales thread is approved, good luck!

Thank you! Accepting orders. Any questions? Leave them here.

We have discounts if you purchase more than 5 proxies.

And if you’re tired of bad speeds and not reliable connections from other providers, we fix all the problems mentioned.

You can read our reviews on our Telegram channel here: Telegram: Contact @coroniumreviews


Fresh new proxy update! Here are availability:

  • France: 4 available devices / $99 per month
  • USA: 15 available devices / $109 per month
  • UK: 8 available devices / $79 per month
  • LT: 3 available devices / $59 per month

We can organize more ports if you need. Buy 5+ we give you discount!

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New York proxies re-stock! Go get them now before it sells out.

Need test our 4G mobile proxies? Contact using livechat on the website or here.

A lot of new fresh proxies at our marketplace!

:us: United States
:uk: United Kingdom
:australia: Australia
:fr: France
:es: Spain
:ireland: Ireland
:lithuania: Lithuania
… more coming soon

More features:

• OpenVPN Support
• Socks5 Compatibility
• HTTP3/QUIC Support when using SOCKS5 or OpenVPN
• Speeds of 10-50 Mb/s
• Private Devices

Please sign up on our website for easy proxy management in the dashboard

I need a trial order

Please send message to your support using chat on the website, before that sign up on

How long is your trial?

We have 24 hour plans available for $9 only