Correct pre set up? All steps listed

Okay guys may someone tell a newbie if all these following steps are correct.

Goal is to run 150 ig accs promoting shopify stores with following pre set up. why 150? (to have always +100 in case a few should get banned etc.)

  1. green cloud - full dedicated server
    (us based) (while i will be working from thailand)
    (i heard that i might get in trouble when the server is very far away from me true?)
  2. Green cloud - proxy 50 http
    (so i can put 3 acc on each proxy)
    (settings when purchasing ing on -> keep same ip)
  3. Buyaccs - 150 aged ig accs
  4. Buyaccs - 150 gmail us accs (want to keep it clean and simple)
    (Do i need to put like each gmail on the same proxy as the connected acc to it?)
  5. Buy 50 sim cards each simcards for 3 accs

Okay and after the pre set up:

  1. Upload all acc into the correct places on massplaner etc.
  2. I change all bios and email to the correct ones
  3. I group them into different niches
  4. I change ms settings for each acc to warm them up
  5. I watch out for pvas to slow down etc.
  6. After a few weeks i start promoting my different urls
    (not spamy ones -> shopify stores) in my bio
  7. I start using dms to promote my offers and shops (always using spyntax)
  8. I see first sales rolling in lol :smiley:

So additionally I have a few questions:

  1. when using the dm function to sen dms to all the people following those accs daily can i use my shop url? Obviously in a very nice and polite way and always like 15accs -> pointing to one store dms for this one specific store

  2. is there any guideline i have to watch out for when starting with setting up the proxies etc.?
    I mean not that I get instant banns for using a different ip or to set up the accounts from the wrong place? (Phone, browser, ms browser, off proxy etc.)

Thanks everyone helping me to improve my set up strategy.

You can save perhaps half of it. check this list

IG accs usually come with emails.

Tips. Use the saved cost here and there as mentioned above, and buy 1 domain for each account. Then point them to your bio. Each domain LP points to the same shopify URL.

But do I get all the log in infos for those mails?

And thanks for this tip would it make sense to use the google shortener buy very cheap domains and connect them to the main store? Would there still be a chance to get banned for having the url in the bio? And could i still use the same description? For each acc or always a different one?

Yes. Emails are always attached because you will get email verify the moment you log in.

Most questions are answered here