Correct way to change proxy

Hey guys, I am facing an issue and can’t find solution, would appreciate all kind of help!
I made accounts with residential ip’s before 1 month and wanted to put them on different proxies to manage them, they are again residential from same country as ip’s which i made accounts with. But whenever i change the ip (after i choose EV or PV and verify it) everytime when i login into the acc i get notification “… ip has logged into the account blah blah” and i can’t start actions because of it. Is there any way to remove this message or i can’t use these accounts…
P.S Sorry for my bad english
Thanks for all help in advance!

Are you keeping the device ID on proxy change?

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No, i made them through google chrome browser on PC and user-agent changer android (4.0 i think as version), but i log the acc through the bot directly (not sure if i can mention the name) so I am not sure whats the device to be honest, but defienetly not the same.

Should the device ID be reset when changing proxy?
And what else should be considered?

Normally you should avoid a device ID change in Jarvee. In the advanced profile you can set that checkbox.


What if we are changing from data center to mobile? Does it matter if we reset the device ID then? Should it be avoided? Thanks