Could anyone help to get Verified Badge?

Hello, I’m trying to figure out this for a while. Submitted the id and documents of incorporation for one of my big clients over 80,000 followers, a very old account, reputable and well-known brand. After a while doesn’t get any response from IG and receiving a clean form again to apply for a badge. Does anybody know how does it work? Or maybe have some tricks?
Thank you in advance!

I don’t personally know how, but just be prepared to get a bunch of offers from potential scammers telling you that they can get you verified for loads of money. Don’t let someone trick you into paying them. There are a few exceptions of course, media agencies who have contacts at Facebook do have some sway as far as I know.

The best methods are to have a lot of real press, articles in well known publications/websites about you, etc. Probably stating the obvious, but if you’re looking for ways to approach it - see if you can get more publicity about the person/brand through big name news outlets and blogs.

Thank you for your response. We have articles on Wikipedia, NYT, Bloomberg and so on, so the account kind of famous and the brand is well established. That’s the issue… can’t find the reason why they don’t give us a badge…

Sounds surprising that you aren’t at least getting any real person, though I guess it could be in part due to Covid and the way they’re working, but seems less likely. Must be something else going on. Hopefully someone with more experience can chime in.

Thnx. Will try again…

The press has to be current and popular. Doesn’t matter if you have a Wikipedia or old press, it has to be current.

It is, we’re posting 10-15 times a day and have a lot of comments for each post.

I’m verified and I help users get verified. I would suggest getting different press then. Think GQ, people, Time, Forbes, Maxim, Us Weekly, Daily Mail, etc. It has to be top tier press, not just mentions about the company.


Your account engagement, followers count, audience doesn’t matter. What matter is your client needs to be established brand with high presence. When the agent who will be reviewing your application searching your client brand or name on google its very important to have articles in high reputation press ranked in the first top 5.