Could I be using the wrong Proxies?

Hey guys,

so I am using an unlimited plan for STATIC 4G Proxies, and I am using one proxy for every each of my main accounts.

But for some reason lately my Accounts start to get TL’s after following or unfollowing only 1 Account after 1 Week Break.

This happened to few of my Accounts now. I think this only can be an proxy issuse??

Thanks in advance!

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Who is the provider?

You are better off running a proper rotating proxy and run 5 accounts in shifts.

Also look at the way you are making accounts or who you are buying from.

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Unfortunately I can’t tell the provider.

The Main Issuse is when you have 500 Accounts for Example and use 1 Rotating Proxy for every 5 Main Accounts this means you need 100 Rotating Proxies which is priceless??? (The cheapest provider that I found cost 50 $ / Month this would add up to 5000 $ per month to run 500 Accounts… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:)

And I am creating my Main Accounts manually, only buying the Scraper Accounts(they work fine).

If you are running 500 accounts on jarvee then you should be knowledgeable enough to run 10+ accounts on a 4g proxy. 5 is just for beginners.

If you want to know if your proxies are good. Send me one in the dm and ill run an account on it for a week and let you know. If I get blocks then the proxies are useless. If not, then you are making accounts that have bad trust scores.

Actually- Are you doing m/s or f/uf for clients?

@hakupila I believe I can help you with that. You can actually run 10 main accounts and 100 scraper accounts per raw and dedicated 4G proxies. I just sent you a message, Thanks

Can you help me?

For sure I just sent you a message :muscle:

That is the numbers I heard evertywhere, just hard to believe how someone can make money only with10 account with 1 proxy

Hi @Frank_Bisko could you elaborate more? Are you talking about the proxy provider’s side or the buyer?

The buyer of course yes

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The proxies cost most of the expenses nowadays, scrapers are a close second.

I have my own proxy farm and still spend 30-40 per data plan. If you want first world countries, you have to pay a lot more. The cheap proxies are usually shared and overused to the point they are unusable.

The profit from ms is no where near what it was a year ago. Instagram makes life rough.

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