Could this be instagram's new punishment method?

Hi, first time starting a thread here:

My question in short is: is it possible that people won’t get notifications when I like/comment/follow them/their posts, as a punishment from IG?

I ask because I have noticed something strange about my account: earlier when I did like+comment manually to grow my account, I did get many followers through this method. (I never uesd any automaton program though)

But because I didn’t have any idea that I needed to warm up my account at first, I got a “comment block” three weeks after creating the account. The block was lifted the second day, but I have noticed the engagement rate dropped significantly, and almost zero likes from hashtags which I used to get a few for every post. I have checked I am not shadowbanned though.

The strange thing is that now when I like/comment on non-followers’ posts, I am no longer receiving almost any new followers this way. And what’s stranger is that almost no one followed me back when I followed them lately, including some people I know in real life. (and I never did mass following)

So has anyone else noticed something similar happening?


I have just recently noticed a somewhat large drop in the amount of followers I receive from f/uf (today) hopefully this isn’t a new type of ban. This is on an account that is around 5 years old. So I don’t think that Instagram would think that I’m a bot of sorts.


I thought I was the only one! I also noticed a drop of followers when using the F/U method. Pretty weird


Or it could also be that the average instagramer is becoming more aware of f/uf. It’s used quite excessively by marketers.

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Content quality + sources plays a big role as well


I actually don’t think that IG is programming somehow don’t deliver notifications of actions performed on the app/ through API. But it may be users are more aware or less interested. With the latest changes and monetisation actions from IG lots of people are losing interest in the app. Sources quality are key tho.

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@DAH: Great point, I think this probably explains it.

Btw, I heard Twitter has been giving such a soft ban for a while, is it really so? I don’t use twitter so I have no idea.

I’ve noticed that instagram more and more will not let you follow or not let you like but it will not release an error message so the software cant pick it up. it just works so if you press follow on a browser say, it doesnt stay pressed. and if you like a picture on a browser, and then refresh the page, you’re no longer liking it anymore. so software may show 400 followed in a day but if you check your following # increase it’s actually not true.

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I have noticed that about comment too, good to know I am not alone.