Could this be the reason why IG gives so many AC messages recently?

Saw this screenshot on a different forum (not sure if I am allowed to use names here)
And thought it deserved its own thread.

It’s and update in the terms and data policy of 2018 and it could be that they started to implement this recently. Could this explain why J and other automation programs are causing so many AC messages, what do you think? Of course it’s not the only reason, but a serious possibility and one that we can not do much about at this moment.

And will J develop it to scroll and tap like a human?


Correct me if I’m wrong, but Instagram cannot see how you tap/scroll on the mobile embedded browser/desktop version? It’s just the app, right?


they can capture touch and mouse movements on browser


They can see where you click on PC but not how you scroll


I emailed JV about this previously, my original question was about touches and mouse movements on EB and API, my reply to this email was “What about touches?” still waiting for a response…;

Hi ####,

Thank you for contacting us,

When JV executes the actions on Instagram using the embedded browser it simulates the phone browser witch has no mouse movements.

The mouse movement can’t be implemented since JV is by default using API and that imitates actions taken from a phone which has no mouse movements and when using EB we use the phone browser which also has no mouse movement.

Please let us know if you need any further help.

Best regards,

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BTW, I’ve created a selenium bot which uses mouse movements and currently testing to see if this has any effect…


Is that just a very literal response to your question on mouse movements? If you’d just said finger touches/movements, I wonder if the response would have been any different?

Holy shit, so as of now and this can change, my tests are telling me that IG are tracking mouse movements on browser. Its only a small test…

This is on non botted fresh accounts.

So i had 2 accounts setup at the same time a few months back.

No. 1 account get’s follow block using no mouse movement, after following 50 odd people.
No. 2 account with human like mouse movements has no blocks and can follow many many more people already over a few hundred…

Need alot more testing though…


Im starting to also think about manual login as apposed to bot login… I’ll test.

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Selenium is detected by IG very easy

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Every major website tracks mouse movement, clicks etc. It’s very important for the website to gather such data to improve UI/UX.
Chek out Hotjar if you’d like to see how a software like that works, they can even literally record you when you’re on their website, all legally.

can you share the mouse movements code? I tried to implement spline functions once but abondended it.

I don’t understand why J can’t implement mouse movements for EB… there’s got to be some way

Why do you need mouse movements? There are laptops and desktops that are touch screen… You could also be using a browser on another portable touch device.

Im using as you cant use action chains. Watch how the mouse moves not in a straight line as in human like then clicks the button.

login as administrator then

pip install pyclick

from pyclick import HumanClicker

# initialize HumanClicker object
hc = HumanClicker()

# move the mouse to position (100,100) on the screen in approximately 2 seconds

# mouse click(left button)

They had that exact same wording for a far longer time already… stop jumping on every train srsly…

Without a date your adding no value to this post, even with a date your not helping.:-1:

There u go…
So Im not helping just because i don’t provide you any solution? Im just saying that instagram has been doing this for years and suddenly you guys are like “omg we need to emulate mouse movement”

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A year, which is about right to use that information build systems around it research etc., As I said above with or without a date your post is pointless…:+1:

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You are not correct, tracking user activity in the page is done for decades, but not in production when is related to UI/UX, we use it all the time during development phases. For click tracking you can use google analytics. This is a very old topic…

I would recommend to many ppl in this forum to do a quick dev course, in order to understand better what’s going on :wink: Many ppl here without knowledge is not being helpful.

I also believe that you can be a top driver without knowing mechanics…but you should focus on driving only.


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