Could you use a iPad Pro as your daily driver?


The new iPad is packed with features but what is it missing for you to switch from your traditional laptop?


proper file handling system.





The are no enough USB ports. And you cant use softwares only apps. But for email writing, Photoshop it is really great.


For now, I cannot use the iPad Pro to replace my laptop. It could be used for tasks that don’t use a lot of resources and that can be done easily.

The screen real estate for me is too small to multitask but the iPad is designed to be lightweight and a straightforward product which can natively run apps. Could be a useful second device but not the daily driver.


I’ve always dreamed of making the switch, but I also find the multi-tasking to be the limit.
I can just be faster on a laptop than I can on an ipad.


Personally I cannot, because I have dev tools that I cannot install there, but let’s say I could do 95% of the other things I need to do, and If I connect a secondary display works perfectly.


Anybody tried Samsung Dex? I used it a few minutes in a friend’s house, with an S9, and was a great experience.

Unbelievable how powerful a mobile phone is!! the power we wanted years ago in a PC now is in most of the good phones.