Couple of questions as a beginner

Hello, so I recently started doing IG Marketing, I started off very wrong, bought semi dedicated proxies, a ton of aged accounts, made roughly $12 - $13 per day with around 15 valid accounts.

I need some opinions from the guys that have valid accounts for atleast 3 - 4 weeks, because that’s what I’m aiming for and Here’s my list of questions and please answer as many questions as you can from your own experience.

  1. is really worth it or can I just go with private proxies.
  2. Do I really have to wait 1 day until I add another instagram account to the same proxy? (So that’s 3 days that I’m going to take to add 3 accounts to 1 proxy.
  3. Do I really have to get rid of the proxy after 1 account gets banned or all 3 accounts on that same proxy?
  4. What settings in a automated way can I put.
  5. Is hidemynumbers the best or do you recommend using other?

So let’s say I want to do a stable 800 - 1000 follows a day but I don’t know how much I should increase per day, can anyone help me with that, and also:
6. What should be the limit of follows for the first day of running the account?

I need someone to recommend me how much can I put in those values of increase per day until it reaches…

also this please:

kind regards, I’m just struggling a lot with how to warm up the accounts without ending up losing them, my accounts with the settings that I found in this forum is only lasting 2 days… So I guess I really have to warm it up first and hopefully it will last much longer…

Thank you

Regarding the settings you could have a look here.

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In answer to questions 2&3 keep 2 accounts to 1 proxy. Will save you a ton of bans.

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We recommend Highproxies, they’re more expensive, but good proxies.

To be honest, I don’t think you have to wait 1 day to add new account on same proxy. You can do it on same day.

Regarding settings… You want to follow 1000 per day. Thats ok, but you’ll need to be patient until you get there. Start slowly with 200-300 follows per day, keep those settings for a week or two then start increasing daily max for 50 and start using unfollow tool too.

I wouldn’t recommend hidemynumbers ir any similar service since they share one number with multiple users. Get your own sim cards if possible.

That would be my suggestion. There’s ton of others settings in the forum,you can choose which one to use, but if something worked perfectly for one user it doesn’t have to mean it will work for you too. Instagram is… Let’s say, weird :slight_smile:


One thing i noticed,at least for me,having lots of posts helps.Most of my accounts have over 100 posts and they running without any issue.Accounts with 5 posts,link in bio,doing lots of actions/day looks spammy.

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I looked at HighProxies as you recommended. Do you know what this “monthly randomize” feature they mention is?

When you are ready, heres a kind of cheat sheet to help you determine settings. The ones you currently have will get you flagged by constantly going over the API rate limits.

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They offer you possibility to get different proxies each month if you want.

Is the new proxies supposed to make it look like your travelling, more real or something?

If I have a client who owns a brick and mortar store in southern california, it would probably be best to keep it the same, right?

I would say keeping same proxies is safer, unless of course, accounts get banned while using them. Then you can ask the provider to change your proxies.

The monthly “Randomize” Feature, is for when that IP gets banned. You don;t want to move IP’s unless your account gets banned, because it will then move from Datacenter IP to Datacenter IP and look suspicious.

I am currently formulating a plan to get Residential IP’s for cheap.