Couple questions about setting up

I have a question. I now have a 4G proxy. Now I also have ip4v proxies for my scrapers. Now I’m going to have a problem with the PV. To solve this I have some questions…

Can you advise me to search for SIM cards or by buying them using smspva?

Now I also have a problem with the scrapers… I’ve bought quite large ones that don’t seem to work. At least. I tested them at the moment of the wave.

Now I want to start again with fresh scrapers and IP’s.
What kind of accounts? With/without phone/email? Warmed up?

Now it is so that mp is known for the good api’s. But does this also mean for main accounts?

Thanks in advance

Those do not exist. It is a marketing term for hacked accounts.

Testing is always key. Someone might recommend something that works for them, which won’t work for you. Those kinds of operations have a lot of moving parts.

Can you specify in detail what you mean?

Cant see the topic: I was thinking about free lebara sim cards… or services like smspva. What do you recommend. If i have 30 clients running 10 scrapers each. Thats 60 simcards. How will i get 60 simcards for 30 clients? (300 scrapers)

Hmm, ok. Seems not a good option

Thanks. I understand that, but I do know that there are many kinds of scrapers. I would like to be sure. Scrapers that are generally known to be good.

My question was whether the main accounts can also work via the API. I have heard that EB is the least damaging to the account. What I also heard is that mp has good API updates. I do not know what choice to make. Running main accounts Eb/api

I thought that with warmed up he thought the accounts that are newer but have started with some actions, slowly. :slight_smile:, is that correct?

That really depends on your operation. Not using automation on the main accounts and having them on other devices would be the safer option, because this way they cannot be linked to each other. Using different proxy providers or proxy tiers for main/slave would also be helpful if there is a risk of the proxy provider to fuck up.

Accounts sellers are scared to say “hacked accounts”, which is the main reason they just call them “warmed up”. They carry over the trust score from the previous owner, which makes them much more stable. But they are also more expensive.

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I understand. I have already said that my main accounts run via a 4G proxy. This one is mine.

Now I also bought sslprivateproxy instead of 4v instagram proxies for my scrapers.

My question is: Can/must I run my main accounts via API or EB? (Follow/unfollow)

I have one more question about the PV. Is it useful to buy SIM cards on a large scale or use a service such as smspva?

If I have 30 clients, that’s 300 scrapers. 1 SIM can lubricate 5 scrapers. Then I need 60 SIM cards.


The topic is closed and not readable to me. What do you recommend? I have no idea how to get so many SIM cards. I would have to find a solution if I was advised to get SIM cards.

Wasting sim cards on scrapers is probably not a good idea. Better buy “warmed up” accounts.

I’m not sure what you wanted to ask here. How else would use your accounts in MP? they can use API or Embedded browser.

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Correct. You will have to make a choice between API or EB. I see many reports that EB is more secure for the main account. This will reduce the trust level score. I have no idea what this is like in practice. That is why I ask if API is safe and good for my clients.


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Always go with API only if possible and avoid all those “logout” features.

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You mean ‘Stay valid when x’? (:

More like thing “logout if action blocked” things :smiley:

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I think henry is referring to this option:
I personally never check it on my main accounts. I don’t know if it will make much difference if I check it.

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