Courses to get clients for Instagram automation

Hello Gurus.
I’d like to find out if anyone has courses to recommend on this specific topic “How to get clients for Instagram automation”, specifically online.

I understand, this probably starts from friends, but supposedly my friends don’t fall in this category, does anyone has a course that they have learnt from regarding this topic?
I’ve come across josue pena, can anyone feedback if his course is legit?

This may probably seem very basic to most of you, but I’m new in the game.
Hoping to learn some insights.

Thank you

Most likely any course you can find will be useless to you or just contains general basic information.

Try using the search feature in the forums here…we have a lot of discussions regarding client acquisition and all our discussions might help you figure out what would be a good approach for you.

We also have a few discussions specifically regarding Josue Pena :wink:

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Don’t waste your money on these courses - they’re for complete schmucks.

If you don’t have friends or family to start with - dig deeper. Call everyone you know, tell them what you’re doing, and ask who they know who has a business that needs your service.

In the mean time, work on developing your own personal brand that you can use as a case study itself.

After this, get involved in your community and surround yourself with other business owners and truly build relationships with them.

If you do all these things well, never mind what the courses and gurus say, you should have a sustainable base of clients from there.

I would say some courses like Avenik is great for starters to at least understand some fundamentals bout Instagram but the search function on mpsocial helps you get deeper knowledge :slight_smile:

get to level 2 in this forum

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