Covid-19 (Coronavirus) profit opportunities

I am pretty sure I am not the only one that sells (and ships) masks, hand sanitizers and other related products since the outbreak, especially since a lot of people on MPSocial are invested in grey zone areas (marketing-wise).

We also played with the idea to invest in machinery. But considering that some of those machines cost > 60.000$ and the material might be hard to get your hands on, I am not sure if the ROI can be achieved before the hysteria cools off. Also, a trip to the close-by china is required before purchasing such machines, if someone prefers to not use agents. Does anyone have experience ordering production machines from china?

Created this topic so people can bounce around ideas and latecomers might still be able to make nice profits on the current Covid-19 train. Especially now that selling to Tier1 countries becomes easier with the additional cases in Europe. The demographic is literally so widespread now that it is hard to not make a profit, especially with landing pages catered for the individual countries and their language.

Those are products, that the majority of people think they need, even if the effectiveness is questionable. Also in the whole “survival” eCommerce niche, I saw a huge increase in sales and demand. Normally I do not write much about niches and operations I am still actively involved in, but this is really something people shouldn’t miss out on. Niches that I currently not involved in, which might be still profitable is “market crash investments” aka Gold/Bitcoin niches and insurance-related things. The demographic for those is a bit more narrowed down, but depending on the traffic channels I am sure a nice turn around can be made.


Hah! Nice to see you come up with that topic here.
Yesterday I canceled a N95 Masks Order because I heared that the they totally Stuck with delivery. The normal delivery-time is about 4 weeks to Europe. I believe I may be to late to get this niche rolling before the hype cools off. But prepare myself better for the next “corona wave” wich is expected to happen after the first cool off.

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Even if it’s not this, there will be always another SARS, MERS or similar.
So it’s not dead stock if the “hype” already cooled off for Corona.


Some kids in the UK started doing this:

I’m based in Asia at the moment, people wear masks as fashion items anyway before this virus especially since celebrities started wearing them for health and privacy reasons

I can imagine when Covid-19 becomes more prevalent in the western world and concerns increase about pollution in bigger cities, it will become the norm to wear masks in cities even after this has settled down

Young people will gravitate more towards fashionable masks (black, patterns, cute animal mouths)

There’s probably a good opportunity for a functional, fashionable premium mask brand in the western world (I’m sure there’s a bunch already)


Interested in this. I’ve just started sending enquiries to suppliers on alibaba, bit late though. It shows no signs of slowing down though.

I have an electronic thermometer production line


If people are resorting to these types of DIY… anything will work :rofl:


This should also work

btw, @HenryCooper, I’m glad someone got something positive from all of this and it wasn’t a covid-19 test.


Convince PornHub to go public. Invest heavily.

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Import from india.
0.5$ masks are sold for 2$ in usa

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Even cheaper from China (the irony)


Fighting a china made virus with a china manufactured product.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Do you have any sites that have Indian manufacturing?

Most of them won’t have website.
You need to contact them over phone and discuss


Thank you for the information, that’s really smart.

People are getting insane here in Canada and we don’t even have that many cases - like maybe 30 for a country of 35million.

Props to anyone who is on this ahead of time - looks like its too late here. Even all the toilet paper is sold out in my city. Tried to buy some tonight and was sold out at 4 big box stores.


The smartest thing to do would have been to buy stocks of biotech working on a cure (as people will get excited by any news of a potential cure), and short any stocks related to things that have people in masses and tight spaces.


Totally agree! Check Novacyt in the French Stock Market. It is a small biotech company working on the coronavirus diagnostic.
It went from 0.2€ in end of January to almost 2€ February!!! 1000% in one month…

I’m in Hawaii and visitors from Asia (particularly Japan) have fallen off the map. A lot of friends who run businesses that target Japanese visitors are struggling. Having to layoff lots of people.