CPA Content Locker URL Thing!

Hi, in CPA grip, the domain in the content locker url is opaldownloads .com , fasterfiles .net etc. Screenshot

So, do you all just use those general content locker domains and URLs? Does it in any way make a difference in conversions? Because suppose a visitor is wanting a guide and they see opal downloads or faster files, they can get bounced?

And suppose your landing page domain is weightloss .com and the content locker they get taken to is opaldownloads .com or fasterfiles .com so does it affect conversion on domain changes?

I think CPA build has the same too?

Some networks allow you to use your own domains, but that’s nowhere near being the most important factor for conversion rates.

I know even cpa grip allows too but for using custom domains we need to upload php but I am using instapage so no option to upload php. any other way?

And going from one domain to another domain does not affect trust issue or conversion? Okay then.