CPA do's and don'ts?

For social media and cpa offers, if an offer is not allowed thru social media, can I put a landing page link in my bio, then if they click my bio link, get to a landing page mentioning the cpa offer, then click thru that, would that count as social media traffic?

Also, if I find an offer from a cpa network that I want to promote thru my email list, and it does not allow for email traffic, can I have a link in my email I send out that direct my subscribers to a landing page that then would direct them to the offer or does that still count as email traffic? I would think it would not since there is step in between the email and the offer. And if that is not allowed how many steps in between would I need to allow to make that work?

I never had issues with cpa networks regarding this, but I always use landing page.

Shortening link to your landing page and shortening link from landing page to cpa offer will probably keep you even safer.

CPA networks like money, just like we all do and they probably won’t mind if you use social networks to get visitors to your page and then to their offer, but spamming by using direct link to cpa offer is what they surely won’t like.

Best to ask your AM. I can’t even begin to count the number of times I’ve seen people complaining that they didn’t get paid and kicked off a network for going out of the bounds of an offer.


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