CPA + IG problem - any tips?


A few days ago I bought a premium landing page and I’m trying to get regular earnings. I would like to show my results because they are not satisfying.

These are two screenshots, one statistics from hosting and the second earnings.

I have bought the .com domain. One IG account, it looks very nice. Hosting I bought on Maybe some people can not enter the website, I asked the owners, but the hosting is supposed to be unlimited. I don’t use pre lander

Does anyone of you know where is error ?

Hello, I am a newcomer. Please tell me what is CPA?

Can you tell me this is it? Thank you very much

This might help…


Also please can you tell me the meaning of life? thanks lol


On June 27 you have 10 visitors on your website, and they watch 84 pages and your earnings are 0 ?

I think the number of visitors you get from 1 IG account are not that bad, but also not good. But how is it possible that a visitor watches 8 pages ?

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Lol. Man. Couldn’t have done better myself TBH


42 is the answer for everything


Its like I’ve multiplied.


I’m sorry. Did you say you have ONE IG account for CPA?

Thank you for your answer. Once I used the landing page with oGads at the beginning it gave good results, unfortunately later it was getting worse. I would like to get regular earnings so a minimum of $ 0.5 per day for one account, but you can see that the results are poor. I do not know where is the error.

Yes, I only use one account. I want to make test and get more earnings.

If people can’t access the site, it’s likely a domain propagation issue. It’ll take time for their ISP to update the nameservers.

he is having this problem already for some weeks :smiley:

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I gave it as an example that some people may not have access to the website through hosting. I added statistics to make more data available. I’m not sure if it’s the fault of hosting.