CPA + IG problem I need help


I have problem with CPA + IG. I work in oGads in last 5 days I earned $1,5 using 1 account in bot. This is a low result in my opinion. I want to earn minimum $0.5 per day in 1 account. I think that such a result was good to earn on proxies, accounts, bot and VPS. I have set up a bot for 800 follow a day and 200 unfollow I have been blocked 2 times in 24 hours. Can any of you help me to achieve such a result ?

u need more account . lower your follow aroud 500/day

I know that more accounts will get more money, but more accounts generate more cost. I do not know if it is profitable if I earn about $0.30 a day by one account.

Slow down your follow rate… and don’t unfollow every day.

What to do to get stable earnings ?

get more accounts by creating them… you can have up to 3 accounts on 1 proxy safely. Start messaging 50-75 people a day 1-2 messages per operation saying something NOT SPAMMY. And you’ll likely see something surprising in your account. Also make sure sources are good.

The only thing I can tell you beside lowering your follow count (and maybe changing your strategy to dms as babs said) is that you will have to lose a certain amount of money to gain some, you’re just starting how do you expect to gain ?

You should have a goal to just break even with your costs for now, work on it for 2 / 3 months and get back here again.

Take notes somewhere to get daily feedback, it will help you improve.

Thank you for answer, but stay with method follow and unfollow.

When I was developing a manual IG account, I achieved average earnings over $ 0.5 a day and now when I do it by the bot earnings are lower. I do not know if I can make a profit, but I would like to have about $ 0.5 a day but I would like to have around $ 0.5 a day