CPA + Instagram, Possible?

Hello, I would like people’s opinions on CPA with Instagram, is it still possible?

I’ve been trying with tons of proxies, tons of different accounts and I keep failing… I’m always getting between 2 - 5 clicks per account /aday, and I’ve tried different niches.

One reason I could be failing because of is using free domains, few months ago before ASN “Blockage” and Like blocks I was using freenom(DOT TK free domains) and it worked perfectly fine and I was getting tons of traffic.

Do you guys think it’s a problem with the domain? My budget is literally zero as I’ve spent all my money and I’ll take a few weeks to get more budget to re invest.

I would appreciate your honest opinion on this,

kind regards.

Domain probably isn’t the issue, niche and targeting however may be the cause of your problem. May we know what niche you are in?

gaming niche, can you tell me how is instagram detecting what niche I’m doing?

Just get some mobile-optimized offers, slap those landers on your account bio, get Jarvee or some other bot and start following / unfollowing. Know that people are doing this strategy and I myself am dabbling in it. Gotta say, it does sound doable. I’m definitely going back into it in some 1 month or so.