Cpa networks with free followers landing pages?

Anybody know good cpa neworks with “free followers” landing pages that are free to use? Aside from ogads, which I am already using.


You can take OGads LP and use locker from any other CPA network. That’s what I did for one of their offers.

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But then do I have to pay for hosting?

Well, you have to host it somewhere…

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Of course. Take a look to amazon s3 to host your static html’s is free (first year) , fast and easy:

Find, read and let us know!



OG Ads has some but I would recommend you to have the custom-made or less spammed LP for the better results.

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I just had an idea, can I just attach my content locker to a landing page that I found online (while whoever owns it hosts it)?

Also: do I need different domains for the landing page or just for prelander?

No. You cannot. You will need to have the lander downloaded and then install it on your own shared hosting or VPS.

Afterwards, you can link your content locker to it.

I hope that clears your doubt and this answers comes from my 7 years of CPA experience.

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