CPA Offers Help

Hi guys, how do you promote offers on CPA networks like Cpagrip and Adworkmedia. Is it through the link locker? What do you put for the destination url?

You can promote it via youtube, facebook , instagram, make your own website and do some SEO, you can do forum marketing.There are ''thousand" of ways to do it . I suggest you to google it first becouse there are some great guides and then start with something. If you get stucked then open thread for specific method wich you will be doing.

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For ig, yes, you’d best use a link locker if you want your accounts to last longer, though doing CPA on Ig is know to kill the accounts faster that anything else you might be doing. Also make sure to use different urls for different accounts, don’t use the same url for multiple accounts or they’re all toast.

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hey guys, how do you get on NET7 for cpagrip?

care to share a little more about that?

It depends on how much you earn. You should contact John on cpagrip and he will tell you how much you need to earn to be payed on NET7

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