CPA vs Affiliate Marketing

Let’s do a little survey. What do you prefer CPA or Affiliate network and why?

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CPA would be my choice atm.
Affiliate marketing is better but it requires more time, and that’s something I don’t have.

I thought affiliate marketing. i was thinking that internet marketing methods are good for affiliate marketing

I would say marketing , so you can keep track of everything and be sure no one shaves your profits

What does that mean? Shave my profits?

It’s basically when you should get paid for an action some user does, but either the buyer, or a middleman(the ads network) lies to (says the user you brought haven’t made an acquisition)you and takes your profit

Wow. Does this happen with the big networks?

No network would admit they are doing this, but everyone says that all the networks are shaving . more or less , i can’t really say yes or no ) just what i’v heard

Suggestion for good affiliate network?

more you try, more you can choose best fit for yourself, some of the people are using @Ogads some adworksmedia(i think it’s right), though adnan is the guy who knows his shit about cpa networks, i’m just a lurker here ) hehe

What niche are you interested in?

weight loss, beauty products.

Check MarketHealth and MoreNiche affilate programs. They have what you need.

Peerfly also have some affiliate offers, but these above are specialized in health/weight loss/beauty.

Right now, CPA. Although it makes me uncomfortable, to say the least. I feel like I’m not contributing much in the world. :smiley:

Long-term though, I would go with affiliate marketing (or to be specific, marketing my own products). If I’ll affiliate for someone, I should first believe in the product and really positively think it’ll help others. That way, I can work violently in promoting it.

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sorry for my noob question, but can you clarify what you do mean with CPA and Affiliate Marketing? What’s the difference?

Up to my knowledge:
CPA = cost per acquisition i.e. you get paid for some action performed by your visitor (app install, mail submit, etc…)
Affiliate marketing: broader. You get a commission on anything (example for a sale, like revenue share).

Maybe in this context these words have a different meaning?

Some good networks that I’ve made money for 2 years : Clickbank , CJ (Commission Junction) , Amazon Associate Affiliate , Shareasale… that’s all bro :smiley: .

You do know that CPA is one of the affiliate marketing. price models ?! So if you do CPA you basically work with affiliate marketing :grin:

Hehehe like my opinion.

CPA belongs to affiliate marketing industry :smiley: