CPA with youtube videos? Make money?

I don’t know much about CPA because I’m in another niche. But wouldnt it be possible to spam Youtube with hundreds of videos…giveaways, download new albums, download certain software etc etc with a CPA link IN the youtube description? surveys and other stuff…

I mean, of course its nothing new…but is it it more or less safe cause I see many videos still online.
If you upload them again and again, day by day many many new videos…

Is that a good way to make money?

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I have zero experience in this regard but I think you will get a whole lot of dislikes which would lead to your videos being “brushed under the rug” by Youtube algos which in turn would lead to very few views which means very little engagement which finally leads to no one - or very few people - actually clicking on your link which logically means not much money will be flowing down to your wallet.

Yeah…that was one sentence. :persevere:

how do you actually determine something like that?

example - “pet-rock” fucker

YouTube and CPA is an old method. They got hard on spammers there. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but it’s a lot harder than before.

There was a period, I always remember it with a smile on my face :slight_smile: 3-4 years ago you could rank video on first place for pretty competitive keywords in matter of minutes.

Man, it was a real battle there, we would report each other whole night long :smiley:

Perhaps a stupid question, but i hear a lot of people talk about CPA, what is CPA?

You have the biggest and most valuable library at your disposal (google). Please use it

Here you go