Craigslist Marketing [HOW TO]

Here’s my story:
Back in my high school/early college days (2012-2015) I would flip iPhones and it was an easy way to make a couple hundred dollars extra on the side. I’d make a simple/professional post and the leads would come rolling in.

Fastforward to today I know it’s ALOT harder as there’s way more competitors and people flagging your posts to get rid of competition.

So this is my reach out to those of you that are still utilizing CL for lead generation. How do you setup a successful CL ad that sticks in 2019?

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I finished high school in 2010 :frowning:

We use gumtree or facebook marketplace in AU. What if you used all available listing websites at the same time and not just CL

Class of 14’ :tada:

same. I used to flip Nokia N95s and iPhones when they were rare. I was so quick to negotiate and buy them as soon as i saw any.

So easy to flip them back then:
Id find the phones that i thought were in ok condition, cleaned the hell out of them, took nice pics with pro camera, nice descriptions with some copywriting… and made a decent amount every other month during college.

No i dont use those craigstlist or kijiji anymore… more things happening on FB marketplace tbh. I see so many scams n spam on classifieds now.

On fb marketplace, I flipped some fidget cubes that i found on clearance recently. Decent profit but nothing crazy to live off of. Fun experiment.

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