Crazy Instagram behavior, accounts exist but like it does not


I have this hugh problem with couple of accounts.

When i search for them or type instagram url with theirs username - accounts exist.

But when i try to log in, i get the problem that was mention before:
"We Detected An Unusual
Login Attempt

To secure your account, you need to request help
logging in.

Get Help Logging In"

This part “Get Help Logging In” is only clickable part.

When i click on it - it just takes me to Instagram help page with, of course, no solid help given.

I tried reseting password but same things happens. I tried using browser - same. Tried using Jarvee - same.

And the courius thing is that it is only for profiles that are linked to hotmail or rambler or similar email providers.

No problem with gmail, yahoo, protonmail etc.

Then i “found the solution” which says try reseting passowrd and so on…

But when i try reseting password and follow the steps of this solution and whenever i type email it just says “no users found”, when i type username it says it has sent it to some … mail, which is not mine email.

I am talking about what happens after i go to reset password via opera browser with vpn . (it also happenes with all other browsers tho)

So WHAT CAN I DO ? Problem are email providers but what can i do?
Has anyone had this problems with hotmail linked accounts or something similar?