Crazy instagram strategy, get 300% commission for your own or others sale

A lot of you probably already know [Fiverr]. For those who don’t, Fiverr is a freelance website where people sell everything from online marketing services, to art and craft. You can almost buy everything. Here is where it gets interesting.

Fiverr has an [affiliate program] where you can refer people to these gigs and earn a commission if they are first time buyers. The commission is 15$. Most of the gigs on Fiverr cost 5$ so you earn 300% of the sale. You can promote your own gig or others. I mostly use it to refer followers who wants to buy a shoutout on my small Instagram pages. I earn 4$ on Fiverr (Fiver takes a 1$ each sale) and 15$ for the refer. So 19$ for a shoutout on a 5-10k page. That’s pretty crazy. And the people you refer is 99% first times buyers, because Fiverr is only popular here in the online marketing business.

You can also promote it on Facebook, twitter, etc. The possibilities are infinite. Plus, people who’s already on Fiverr will buy your gigs. You will of cause not get the 15$ commission for that, but you will get sales.

Let me know what you think of this strategy.


Thanks alot! im currently using fiverr for some of my service and i didnt think about the referal program will most definitely try that out!

question: should i register under same account or another one ?

It’s pretty awesome, I actually earn twice as much on the affiliate program than on fiverr itself.

If you mean the same mail. Just sign up with the same mail. You are allowed to promote your own gigs

yeah never thought about that & thanks again will def try right now :stuck_out_tongue:

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Removed your affiliate links.



hey I just log in for the first time on fiverr. They say 5$ for referral and I can’t find any links but I can just put emails of my friends to invite them to use fiverr.

Where can I understand better?
What’s your strategy to promote gigs?

This is the affiliate program i was talking about

It does look very professional, therefore i think its fake…

Checked the WHOIS… It is an anonymous registration.
Why would Fiverr do that ?

Registrar WHOIS Server:
Registrar URL:
Registrant Name: Registration Private
Registrant Organization: Domains By Proxy, LLC

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this is the actual link

Your welcome


As KingAGroup posted, fiverr has the link on their website. Why would fiverr scam?

Sorry, also just saw the link.

But it is weird that they choose an anonymous registration. I seriously thought it was some kind of scam. Not by Fiverr but by someone else.

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@pagmann @dimitri this link is from fiverr itself.

The other one seems to be duplicate!

What do you mean its the same link? If you go to it changes to if you look in the browser

yes that´s true. I´m sorry

it is indeed the same link, question @pagmann how do you go about promoting a service with the affiliate program ?

Does this work for only $5 gigs? Or higher cost gigs as well?

If you want to promote a specific gig. Go to marketing tools and find the creative “Deep Link” then add the URL to the gig under LP URL. Copy the affiliate link under click URL and start promoting

If works for all gigs but the payout will still be 15$