Create IG accounts -need help

what is the the best way to create accounts of ig?
all what i created…deleted …
please help

I Create via computer browser since you are limited on the number of account you can create on mobile. Good Luck.

Thanks ,but i want to create 30 …use proxies?

Never used proxies so i cant tell you which one is better, i always either used my phone or computer, only got made up to 15 accs tho

30? That´s not much :slight_smile: One evening sitting on the couch creating them while watching some shitty movie :stuck_out_tongue: just after a couple of ones I reset the connection :wink: is doing quite well for me. It´s also checking your proxies on creation process and can validate also the email. Tested it with some gmail accounts including proxies and was doing the job pretty well. Accounts are also still alive :smiley:


wow great tnx ,I will check this one

@cpaulsen81 if we want to go the route of creating accounts still in the future at some point.

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I would just buy them. There are a few providers…


I want also but where?

there are several ones on the marketplace. Good experience so far I personally made with @ValarInstagramis accounts and @instahero accounts. - both you can order on selly