Create my own 4G mobile proxy + rasp + dongle + ubuntu + linux

I have already purchase dongles + rasp b 3 + sim cards from my country and i want to setup my own 4G proxy!

Can anyone give me a guide to build this ?

Also i made a lot of manual actions at my accounts for 2 weeks now … and i am doing 300 follow / 300 unfollow per day but everything is manually from different devices with different sim cards and i am using tha data not the wifi!!! So i think now my accounts is very clean and trusted score is very good … this is my last chance to try again the automation with my own 4G proxy if someone can share how to set up !! thanks (sorry for my english)


Send me a DM and I will send you an instruction how to do it.
As for manual actions, how many actions do you perform in a row? 49 or more?

message sent !

do you know how to setup using orangepi + switch hub + mikrotik + dongle?

Yeah sure, it’s a cheap setup and works. Unfortunately it takes some steps which are technical. Hmu if still needed

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If ur using what i posted i would like you tonstop

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