Create new accounts. 5/10 Phone verified

So I used MeMu to create IG accounts

  1. Get new local mobile 4G IP (Asia)
  2. Use MeMu instagram to create account by email
  3. Check email. Copy verify link.
  4. Paste verify link on MeMu browser and verify
  5. clear instagram data and randomize device ID, IMEI and location.
  6. Repeat

Using that process, I made 10 accounts last week and then today I put them into MP and attaching a proxy each. My USA proxies are private on my dedicated servers.

5/10 of the accounts were phone verified. I took note of the proxies used and noticed a pattern on the class B which succeed and failed. I would assume that they are already blacklisted by IG so I would avoid using those proxies next time.

I tried to PV using textplus but the SMS didn’t arrive. Read posts about it not working just recently :frowning:


  1. what is the most economical/stable way of PV now?
  2. Are smspva and hidemynumbers still viable options?
  3. Anybody got any source for cheap SIMs that work in Asia?

Thanks in advance.

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Real sim cards is the best way to do PV nowadays.[quote=“g8f7e9x0w, post:1, topic:5800”]
Are smspva and hidemynumbers still viable options?

I would avoid those.

Depends what you consider cheap… :slight_smile:

I would consider a sim card under $1 to be cheap :smiley:

sir yesterday i try create account with MEmu and i see the error msg
can you help me how you creat this
i do all what the guide say
i think the probleme is in the proxy that i used
you creat all the accts with the same ip or how ?

The best way for PV is having your own sim card. If you can’t find cheap sim cards in your contry, try to find someone who can help you with PV. I was doing this, I have a friend in a country where sim cards are cheap ( or even free ) and he was helping me with this.


Dude … read the first post.

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so you use one ip for each account ?

When did they get PV’d?

If you are creating accounts using memu, and midway through creating you are getting PV’d, for instance you sign up and get an instant PV page with memu - then the issue is that the variables you seem to be changing - IMEI, GUID e.t.c - aren’t being changer and IG is picking up you are creating the accounts through one device.

If the PV is straight after verifying the account on MP, it’s most likely the proxies.

IF - and I think this will be the case - you are starting to auto follow and like and getting PV’d within a a day or two, IG is picking up these fresh accounts are being used in a non-human way, and is asking for a PV and may give a ban straight away. You need to use these fresh accounts through the embedded browser in a human like way for the first week. Login in to each every couple of days and do around 10 likes and follows.

Don’t start auto following and liking using MP’s tools until week two or three, and then keep the actions VERY low.

Yes, real SMS are the way to go!

You mean real Sims, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

When I verify them on MP using my private proxies. As I posted on the first post, only a 3 class B proxies are being PVed … the other few class Bs are not PV so it’s definately the proxies. Maybe those class Bs had a bad history or listed in blacklists

One ip for each account is the safest way - so use VIRGIN proxies that have never been used to create IG accounts. There are people who say you can use one proxy for several accounts and if the accounts are aged and you are not overdoing your activities on IG, all is fine. But there is also the danger, if you get banned one account all other accounts used with this proxy will get banned, too.

Sorry, real Sims

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