Created some facebook accounts,now what?

Hi guys,
Like the title says,i created like 20 facebook accounts,now what?How do you warm up facebook accounts?
Do i just post once/day,invite 5-10 friends and go from there?

If you created the accounts, why not test out it’s limits? Since you didn’t spend anything on the accs you won’t be losing much.

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Well i’m guessing the limits won’t be to high,already 8 accounts got locked :slight_smile: Few hours after creation,some of them require ID some just locked.Up to a pretty bad start,i didin’t expect it since i created every account with phone numbers not emails,each account = 1 phone number,configured different profiles,pictures etc.Funny how some accounts got baned,some didin’t,totaly random order.I guess its proxy related.

just be sure not to go crazy. when warming up accounts do not do all 20 the same, maybe start and stop at different times, if you have all 20 on proxies then you should be fine as long as you have all settings correct.

reading through mass planners knowledge base on their website is great also the blog & video tutorials helped a lot for me

i was adding links but im not allowed :frowning:

You probably left some footprints, or proxies are at fault. There is not reason for that to happen. How did you create the accounts, step by step, maybe we can find the problem.

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And now theres 8 left :slight_smile: i am guessing these will get get locked soon also.They were doing no actions,just created and thats it.
My proces was:
1.change proxy in firefox private connection
3.log on fb
4.add phone number,create account using real numbers(each account had different number).Got the verification codes on my phone.
5.loged into the account
6.add email (rusian emails),but i didint verify the emails,just added them.
7.added profile picture + cover picture
8.complete profile.My proxies are from my country,so every profile had country names,city,schools,jobs etc.
9.loged off
10.closed private conection.
11.used a firefox extension to delete history,cookies,cache etc.
12.swich off proxy

Use Multiloginapp with Firefox/Chrome/Opera to leave no footprint


Not bulletproof. It’s just useful when you’re trying to use it for the first time and reuse it manually for each operation.

Once you switch them to MP, it’s a different story already.

I created them using emails and it didn’t get any PV. Only when switching to proxy.

1 Create acc using home IP
2 Use proxy while it’s logged in
3 Perform a logout and login using "save login for next time"
4. Put them in MP


I make mine on a android phone with device emulator it changes all seems the best way iv found so far I also make on my own home ip reseting ip each time. I then put on proxy later the same day not straight away as I’m one end of the country and data centre is the other. I reset all I can on the phones before I start again making another. I also find that rather then just using one platform at a time say facebook, connect others to it on same proxy say ig, pin twitter etc I find once iv connect g+ and the rest on same proxy I have less trouble from fb. Like maybe the more actions on all together is keeping my accounts longer all my accounts post to around 100 groups aday each new accounts 10-30 new I mean after iv warmed them up for four to six weeks.


Here is link to info on how I do it.


There really is an app for everything.
Really liking this app,it changes everything about the browser,even the resolution.
Created 10 accounts today,will check durability in few days.The process has been pretty much the same,using phone numbers to create accounts,adding email and also verifying by email this time.
Also i added favorite movies,tv show and singers for each account.


7 days later how are your accounts holding up?

13 still alive,but i dont do any actions on them.They are just added to MP.

thats how i do it. it works for me

what the name of app?