Creating 50 accounts to bookmark and comment?

I have a page with 2600 followers, all organic, however engagement is very low, i got like 100 likes or 150 likes and comments when i post. Also i got mostly 5 to 10 saved posts.

So if i create 50 accounts, comment with each of them to all posts, save all posts with them and like with them, is this going to increase engamenent and explore?

It’s will be very time consuming. It’s better to join some engagement group which will comment and save your post. That way you will have hundreds of accounts.

Btw I don’t think that this will help with engagement. Because instagram might know same accounts are commenting and saving your post everyday.

Yes ofcourse it will show some improvement,make sure you do it within 30 mins to 1 hour after the post is posted so early engagement will rise and then you will increase the chances of hitting explore.

Also you can share the photo within your 50 accounts.

This can easily be automated! All to be done within 5-10mins of the post being made itself, using Jarvee. However, if those accounts are just dummy accounts, it wont help your engagement. The weightage given to each account is different, depending on the accounts trust score, how active the account is, from where is the account liking this post and a lot of other factors.

A better way to improve engagement is to work on growing you account targeting only those who follow less than 200 people. So whenever you post, they will always see your post and hence your initial engagement rates increase and consequently everything!

Yes, that will increase your account’s engagement and the chance of your post hitting the explore page. I use the IG engagement groups tool in Jarvee to comment and like using my slave accounts. Make sure those 50 accounts have unique profiles with different profile pictures and use 1 account per proxy if possible.

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That may help, assuming you utilize automation.

But getting 100-150 likes on a page with 2600 followers isn’t bad at all…
What are those numbers do for you? What do they mean?

Yes, I think you should go for it. It might help you get some engagement and also hit the explore page.

that should do you good, it will help, but not in the long run, you should work more on your account to get some real engagement.

You can use Jarvee IG engagement groups to start with and see how it goes.