Creating a 4G proxy using 4g sim card

Hi there,

I have a client who is willing to pay more than 500 $ per month to manage his Instagram account ( so its a big budget) So I want to come up with a vip solution for him (meaning I can spend 400$ for a mini pc ( only his account on JV) , a 4g sim reader (20$) and an unlimited 4g plan at 25 $ per month)

What do you think guys? should I go for this solution? Do you think that I will have the best solution and avoids all the blocks?
I know that I have to be careful with the settings in JV and I am doing also a lot of manual action on the phone directly but I don’t want to take any risk because of the connections.

So 1 account per solution

Let me know if I should go with this solution ?



Sounds great but for one account, a $400 PC is a bit overkill.


its a one shot, then the next month it will be worth it.

Yeah thats fine, I just think it might be a bit of a waste really, a $70 mini computer could do the job. :slight_smile:

What does this have to do with proxies? What you described is completely unrelated to proxies. You get a PC, plug in a modem with a SIM-Card and you’re good to go.


Hope that the client is not only for 1 month :slight_smile: . Maybe first just start promote his profile “normal way” and than after month think about special computer and so on

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I just wanted to know if i have more clients like this one who are willing to pay the price, is it a good solution to repeat the same thing and buy a complete set up. meaning one connection per account. Iam more thinking about upscaling

I already signed for 6 months

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Just set up your own 4G proxy and run Jarvee on a VPS. No need to buy a pc for that.


Ouuu thats nice ! :wink:

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I always think what if they chargeback. You should always factor that in…

no such thing in the contract :wink:

And what is the advantage of a dedicated system for each account?

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less risk, and I can sleep better, and as I said I have the budget to go for a fancy solution that maybe not everyone is using so definitely a plus

Any 4G proxy guides?

Definitely fancy but also 100% unnecessary. Your own 4g proxy I understand but having a dedicated machine for one client is insane and doesn’t give you any advantages because you are still automating the actions with Jarvee.

I suggest you to take a deep look on how Jarvee operates. And if you really want to be 100% safe, go with manual only.

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the only advantage is that Insta is not detecting another account on the same machine. Until now I believe that nobody can say from where all the actions block are coming so maybe a dedicated machine can solve this problem. what do you think? worth a try?

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I understand your thinking but that’s not how Jarvee works. Jarvee generates an unique user agent (specific phone model) anyway so having a dedicated machine is a complete waste of money.

A dedicated machine! No! use a VPS period.

I know how Javee works But I am not sure how Instagram works and nobody can, only testing will tell