Creating a new account or not...?

In short I want to start focusing on a certain niche… should I start a new account from the ground up only posting the videos from that niche (including already posted videos) or should I just keep my old account and delete non related videos? (My following is small).

Thanks for the help!

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So far it’s 50/50 on if you should delete videos. What about making them private instead?

Tiktok favors new accounts from my experience

If you create a new account do you need to register it from a fresh device? Is it still okay to have the new account on your old phone as long as you log out of the old account?

Reusing the same device is fine

If it does… should I delete my old account or let it sit there?

I heard its good to have one account per device, prevents you from looking like a bot phone

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That might be true for 5, 10 or whatever many accounts but a second account is de facto no issue :slight_smile:

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doesnt matter

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you heard from birds, ok great.
tiktok offers to login onto 3 accs but then they would penalize u for that? yes it makes sense (sarcasm).

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Yea, the exact same way Instagram penalizes your accounts if you get it associates with other accounts you’ve have issues with.

It’s profoundly obvious, from ALL SOCIAL media platforms.

100% create a new account from another device. They track every aspect of your data, including ISP, device ids, IMEI, operating system, geo location, etc.

1 account gets shadowbanned you can almost certainly count on the rest of the accounts on the device getting fucked over too.

Just had this issue a month ago.