Creating a new engagement group (fitness niche)

Hello everyone
I’m creating an engagement group in the fitness niche.
When you have an account in that niche, send me your Telegram username and I will add you :slight_smile:

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Happy to join

My telegram is @wsiolek

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I want to join too- @lulu_and_zanzibar

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I cant find your username too add

Strange…it’s definitely there, I’m logged in now and teh spelling above is correct

I sended you a DM with a link

Do you guys know how to add a bot into the group?
I tried to add one but it didnt worked actually. It says it only works in supergroups and has to be admin.
But when I try to put it into the group to make it an admin it says the same again. What am I doing wrong?

Not a clue, did you search this forum? It might be worth to ask for a step by step guide from one of the guys who done it in the past.

Maybe try to start a separated topic about it as people who are not interested in joining the group won’t even read this here

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great point, good idea. I will come back to you as soon as I know more.