Creating Accounts on VPS

Hey everyone,

I am currently in the process of getting more accounts setup. I want to be able to create maybe another 10-15 accounts, nothing bulk. I have a very small budget right now as i have just made a very large investment. So looking for free options.

I am considering setting up a VPS with Vultr since i have $150 credit on my account. I also have a windows 10 preloaded with the software i need so i can just create bulk amount of VPS on them. Condisering doing the following:

  1. Create Windows 10 VPS preloaded with everything i need to create accounts
  2. create 2 accounts on that VPS
  3. Shutdown that VPS
  4. Boot up a new VPS, preloaded with the same OS and setup so i can create another 2 accounts
  5. Create 2 more accounts
  6. shutdown that vps
  7. Repeat.

I have an Office365 email with many alias’ which i can use, so they look like a new email address for every account but all emails come to the same inbox. I will also have a handful of sim cards so i can use 1 sim car per 2 accounts.

My other option is setup a mobile emulation setup on my computer and connecting my mobile as a proxy or tether to the computer. This way i can create 1 account, then create a new Emulator Virtual phone but it will have the same IP address on a mobile network.

Also, is there any way to use a VPN (VyprVPN) to avoid purchasing many proxies for setting up accounts?

What do you guys recommend?

Option 2 would be the best method for you.

Whats bad about option one? Option one is the easiest option for me. I can create a new IP with 1 click and the VPS only costs me about $0.02. So basically thats a proxy for 2 cents. I then shutdown the VPS once i create 2 accounts then i put them in massplanner on their own proxy (2 accounts from each VPS share a proxy).

Mobile IP’s are probably a little bit better than datacentre IP’s. And your first option also sounds complicated :wink:

Make a WIFI access point from your phone to share your 3G/4G connection. Connect with your computer to the WIFI access point. Use a browser with a mobile user agent (you can download a plugin for that). Create your IG account.
After creating your account clear the cache (including cookies) of your browser and put your phone in airplane mode and back on to get a new IP. Make a new IG account etc etc.


Thanks. Ill give it a try. But honestly, it takes me 3 clicks to get a fully installed and running Windows 10 Pro VPS. I create the VPS and do what i need to do, then destroy the VPS and try again. Costs me about $0.08 per vps i launch then shutdown. I also have $150 credit on the account so that helps.

A USB dongle with 3g/4g also works, saves you some $$ as you dont have to buy a phone. Your dongle will still get a mobile IP

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yup then its pretty cheap and best option

I have plenty of mobiles. No issue there. But in AUS, you MUST register a sim with an address, Drivers license or passport etc. So, its virtually impossible to get sim cards cheap. The issue im having is i dont want to expense of multiple Proxy accounts. This will make it expensive to startup. But, since i can technically use a new IP for less then 5 cents, thats a cheap proxy.

In that can you might want to look at something like this

Thanks you, i need it!

Why do you need multiple sim cards with data for making several Instagram accounts? You can make as many accounts as you want with 1 sim card with data. If you disconnect data and connect it again (or use airplane mode) you will get a new IP. You can do everything with 1 sim card.

You do have a problem if it is hard to get sim cards cheap. Usually Instagram asks for a phone number for a new account. And if they do not ask it immediately you can expect that they will ask for it later. Making your accounts on a datacentre IP/VPS will not solve this problem.

I’m not trying to solve phone validation with data centre IPs. I want to make sure the accounts are all made on different IPs. Then I need to find a way to phone verify them cheap. The purchasing a data sim is for creating the accounts on New IP’s.