Creating accounts with same ip

If I create multiple accounts on the same IP and then add them to massplanner with 1 proxy for each account, 1 proxy - 1 account

can that lead to account disabled because of the creation ip?

What’s happening to me is after a few hours… roughly 5 hours or so I lose the accounts one by one, almost one after the other.

Basically I want to do some kind of churn and burn… I want to create like 20 accounts, make the most of it and manage to make it last 3 days, however I don’t know if I would have to buy new proxies because these proxies I have are semi dedicated…

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Yes.The original IP is logged.

If you were IG and you saw the same IP used to create 20 accounts, would you be suspicious of those accounts?

Have a search of the forum also for topics similar to this - there is a lot of good info here.

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Semi dedicated IPs are not good enough, you need fully dedicated ones, and also consider those labelled as instagram proxies. It may seem like a marketing ploy to charge higher, but some providers do check to make sure those proxies work for instagram.

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