Creating accs with 4g proxy - rotation needed for every new acc?

Is rotation needed for every new acc?

Or do you think 2 or 3 per rotation is fine?

from what i gather, there’s many people on one mobile ip at any one time, which can ‘cover’ up your actions… so is it really necessary to have a fresh mobile ip for every acc created?

I would like to rotate once every hour at a minimum, but still be able to create a good # of accs on various different SM platforms.

Depends on your setup and how dense the area of your IP range is. Creating 3 accounts with one 4G IP is definitely possible.

If area is small (a city of 20k or less), try making 2 with one IP. If larger, can go to 5+. You can use the same phone number for 11 accounts if you really want to squeeze it but I suggest 3 per number (if you go the phone number route, not emails).

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Very good info. Thx!

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I suggest just rotate for each new account if there is no problem to do it. Because in return you are getting actually good quality Accounts. And IP rotation are not charged extra than why should we use same IP again? Just rotate it for each new account.