Creating an efficient same timezone Engagement Group (Fitness Dominant)

Hi Guys!

I think a big issue with Engagment groups are that people like to like and comment on your post only when they post or in other words “Catch up” and considering that engagement flourishes in the first hour that a post goes up, having people from aroudn the world posting at different times in your group isnt really being effective.

So why not create a group with only people that are in the same timezone as you and post around the same time as you, so everyone gets the benefit of the hour engagement.

Im Inviting anyone in the Pacific Standard Timezone that is active on IG (preferably in the fitness Niche) if not that’s fine too, and I’ll make a huge group and see if we can get something going efficiently.

Instagram works in a way that this won’t be effective. Your engagement groups likes your post. The more a person likes your post the more that person sees of your post. A selection of your followers will see the post so this means that only the people in your engagement group will start seeing the post. You will enter a vicious circle where you will only have people from engagement group liking and seeing your photo

But isnt the purpose of having a lot of followers like and comment on your post to push it out more for explore and exposure?

Doesnt instagram show more people your post if its popular and has engagement?

That’s not totally accurate

This is already 1.9billion times discussed, is not like that, we wish it was so simple. Yes IG will tend to show posts to ppl who has interacted but just a %, if it was like that if you get 1000 Likes from EG, all your post should be displayed to those 1000 and it’s not like that.