Creating Facebook New Accounts - Looking for solution

Hello Guys , I use massplanner last month and doing many experiments to find my strategy to post in groups . Last night facebook delete 6 new accounts and today i have tried to create new accounts from my main PC . I use private proxies to create accounts and always use the same proxy for the account . For every proxy max 4 accounts. Today every time trying to create new account facebook asking me for mobile number verification. I have cleaned browser cache but facebook always asking for verification via mobile. then i tried to create a new facebook account from my second pc and facebook not asking me for verification.

My question is if someone knows how i can create new accounts from my main pc again.

Hope someone knows something more.

Best regards Mike

This might be a dns leak issue. Idk how true is that, but i block it and only use firefox to do it since it’s generally more secure. check

Next thing is disable flash, and change your browser version, etc. Too many variables, you just need to find out what’s the difference between PC 1 and PC 2.

as this is a MP forum the best tool i`ve found for creating accounts is the internal browser, create a empty profile, then create the account within the profile browser (PVAs are the best!!)

If you are using a dynamic ip then create 2 to 3 accounts reset, i`ve only been able to create about 10 accounts in 24 hours (all about the sub net) If you are using proxies make sure they load in MP when you create the accounts.


I don’t do PVA, till facebook not asking for it.

I’d go with the internal browser as well, there’s no footprints that you can leave that way, just add a new account, add the proxy, click verify so it add the proxy to that account, open up the browser and do your thing.

Thank you guys for your help. I’m ok until now i creating accounts with my linux pc and mozilla and changing my proxies after create one account and go to the next proxy to create a new one i have 20 proxies and i have created today 50 accounts until now i need to create 30 more accounts…

Every time i clean cookies and cache

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How many accounts do you guys use per proxy?

Depends on what you do with the accounts, ideally 1 per proxy, however you do go up to 2-4 accounts per proxy if you don’t promote the same thing with all.

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