Creating IG accounts w/ FB accounts?

Hello smart automation friends,

I’m interested in the M/S method - but FB account creation seems to be easier than IG…Wondering if anyone has experience mass creating FB accts, and using that for mass creating IG accts?


When you have a lot of fake IDs or passports and some people providing their faces for them, then yes, it’s easier to create Facebook accounts…

Surely you don’t need fake ids, passports and pictures to create facebook accounts. I have created quiet a few just using info from

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You have to use a way more complex generator for creating them in bulk. This online generators have fairly low variations and are already exhausted by a lot of people.

I don’t create Facebook accounts, but a lot of people said FB has more verification processes.

How many did you created? @Molishparty

This may very well be the case. I have only created about 10 accounts (1 every few days) so not a lot, but the idea Andre came up with could be pretty great.

From my experience IG accounts which use gmail for the set up have a higher trust score so maybe the ones created with FB could up the trust score even further. I Will definitely do some tests on it.

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Trustscore of Instagram accounts has nothing to do with emails. HenryCooper has accounts with running for very long time. Instagram wouldnt make a good job when they ban regular russian users just for using an email provider which has been used by a lot of spammers. That would be to easy and hurting too many “normal people”.

It’s all about the creation process.

Email provider should be choosen by features. Less secure apps, POP3, do you want a back up email, etc.

Creating the Instagram accounts through Facebook can be okay for few accounts but is simply not worth the time if you need them in bulk and also not necessary.

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Let me know of your findings…I’m going to dabble in this realm as well

@roy Do you have a formula for mass creating IG accounts that is sustainable?
Seems all IG accounts I recently created needed PV…
Lmk if you’ve got some golden nuggets here…Would appreciate it!

what proxies are you using?