Creating IG accounts

Hey, is anybody able to create IG account via browser?
I get straight challenge, and sometimes It tells me to try again later and doesn’t even work,
I wonder what is the reason for that?
bad browser fingerprints? bad proxy? bad phone number? all together?

was anybody able to create account via browser its done only with phone + 4g + good sim number?

In most cases it’s because of the proxy, using good 4G proxies will help you with that, and use real phone numbers to create the accounts

Are you using Jarvee’s Create Accounts tool for IG? If yes, I will backup @abdelgueraa’s answer to use proxies, so make sure that you have a high quality proxy that you can use for creating the account, and if you do not have email addresses right now, you can use real phone numbers instead of virtual numbers. A lot of our clients now are getting better account creation success when using real numbers.

Depends what browser you are using also. I tried to make accounts with ghost browser and within a few days they would die. You need a browser that emulates both finger prints and uses safe UA. I prefer using real phones.

I think proxies are the main reason for that. Have you tried using Jarvee’s Create accounts tool combined with 4G Mobile proxies? It works for me.

I agree with Jaha, you can still use phone numbers from a phone number provider like smspva, sms-actiavte etc, but if your proxy is bad, you will get captcha issue.

all of what you mentioned above could be the reason, im able to create accounts without issues but using good phone numbers and proxies.