Creating Instagram Account Issues?

Is anyone else having issues creating Instagram accounts?

I’ve tried multiple times today and it gets to the ‘Are you 18 years or older’ screen and then says Error "Something went wrong creating your account. Please try again soon’

If I go to log in with that account it says

Your account has been disabled for violating our terms:

I’m not someone who creates a ton of accounts (this is the first one I’ve tried to make in a while) so not sure what’s happening.

Any ideas?

Make sure your proxy is not blacklisted. Google the IP and check there is no current spam reports.

I recommend:

4G Proxies (you can purchase them on MPSocial). They must have a reset IP to change the IP after creating an Instagram account.
Mobile Proxies (pretty much the same, but made by you). Just buy a SIM card from a good area (metropolitan is great), and reset your IP using airplane mode (on and off) whenever you create a new accounts.

Residential and datacenter proxies are overrated, most of the public ones are saturated.

Hope this helped :blush:

I was trying to create it on my laptop using my normal wifi :confused:

Are you perhaps connected to a VPN?

Where is your WiFi located? Countries like india, pakistan etc have low trust scores from my personal experience, and Instagram can prevent you from creating accounts from those places.

No VPN and UK based on a well known ISP

That’s odd. Are you using real gmails? Instagram prefers you using high trust score emails rather than @tempmail

Also, use real looking names, usernames etc.

I have used real gmail, change simcard, change android devide ID with no luck, then I register with phone number everything solved.

Most likely because I came from 3rd world country and my scores just too low

I tried to get a client to create an account and she had the same issues

Is anyone else having this issue as it seems to be more than just a problem for me?

If it’s a mobile connection, try change location. If it’s WiFi, try use mobile data.