Creating Instagram Account only works with IPV6 in Germany


I found out that in Germany you need an IPV6 address to create an Intagram account WITHOUT phone verification.

Can anyone confirm this ? Or what else could it be?

As soon as I activate IPV6 (whether 4G/mobile phone or WLAN) it works. If IPV6 is disabled, I have to enter a mobile number to verify the account.

Many greetings

May I ask how you create them? In the app, or on your laptop/pc?

I didn’t do it with the app but only in Chrome Browser (incognito mode) on the phone and also on the PC. Both did work if IPV6 was enabled.


Creating good accounts is a matter of many factors, one of which are good proxies.

You’re right. I created a new account with IPv6 enabled easily. I only needed to enter birthday.

After I disabled IPv6, I was asked to do phone verification when I created a new account.

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