Creating instagram accounts

Hello, i want to start and get experience and create 10 accounts for start. I have a few questions:

  1. Should i use 1 sim card = 1 instagram acc?
  2. Does 30 days warm up strategy will be good, or limits changed in 2021?
  3. Should i do something else than buy sim card, put it in my old galaxy s8, create insta acc, log off, change sim, and create new acc?
  1. You can create 5 accounts quite safely but you need to use them wisely.
  2. At first you need to warm them up regardless, build your way up SLOWLY (f/uf, liking etc.). No-one probably knows the exact limits…
  3. Dunno what you’re trying to say…
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You should be able to create 5 accounts per sim card without issues. As for the warm-up strategy, 30 days plan is great, but that still doesn’t mean that your accounts will be ready to hit some amazing high numbers, especially if those accounts are brand new. Go carefully, always increase the limits slowly, without sudden moves.


can you remove an account (call it 5th account for this example ) from your log in list and replace it with a 6th account? I dont plan on using 5th account (it was set up for a friend) ever again on my phone.

  1. You can use same sim up to 5 acc.
  2. My warm up is follow 10-20 acc, rase daily to 10-20. If I get blocked start from beginning ( it happen few times a month max).
  3. You can add airplane mode, to change ip just in case.
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Thanks @Vlady for those infos :pray:

Honestly I would avoid doing follows for the first week or two. Atm there is some bugs in EB that are being fixed so I wouldn’t push accounts to fast if you are using EB.

Api I’m not as well versed in so could be different.

hello @godlesowned

  1. yes you can use 1 SIM card for 5 accounts
  2. go slowly and avoid f/uf for few week like @heroeslair says and after that start with 10 and than with 20
  3. changing SIM card is not a solution that you change SIM card and than create 5 acc and than change SIM card and so on. they all got linked up

try to create 5 accounts per SIM card but after that don’t create the rest of the accounts from the same device try to change it or have a proxy, warming up the account shouldn’t take long if you follow good/safe strategies, try to start with the small actions like story viewing, like comment, like pics…

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