Creating "moving" pictures (Cinemagraph)

Hey guys,
recently we have been experiencing with technique called Cinemagraph, video speaks for itself what it is about. I am wondering, if anybody can recommend a good software/app which allows you to do such videos fast, from both PC and Smartphone see the link since I cant upload .mp4 here

thanks in advance

Adobe Photoshop or After Effects on a computer, don’t know if there’s an app that will, but wouldn’t surprise me if there was one.

I make these for my clients in Adobe Premeire / Adobe After Effects / Adobe Photoshop

You can see a sample of one I created below:

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yeah surely Adobe, Sony vegas etc. was thinkin about something “faster” more “Ready to go” cheers anyways guys

there used to be bunch of apps actually, they just no longer exist, dont know why.

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Cause they were really bad lol


Yeah you can’t really do it with apps. But man, creativity and hard work are dead if people think they can just press a button and have whatever they want made, and for free, truly a sad time we’re living in if that’s how it goes :smile: (Which is how it goes, everybody expects instant and free or nearly free)


Adobe it is then! cheers guys :slight_smile:

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These look sick! Would love to see how these are made too.

I mostly use After Effects for animations like these but also found an app to make simple ones quickly on the go, Pixaloop is the iOS app try it you might like it