Creating new Instagram Accounts v2

Hi all,

I’m kinda new in the business and I’m trying to get Jarvee going.

But I have some questions concerning the creation of Instagram Accounts and their confirmation.

I’m using 1 IG proxy per account

So, my questions are:

May I confirm the email address manually or does Jarvee does it by itself? when creating a new account with Jarvee?

Also, can Instagram link me if I use my personal IP to open the emails if i verify them manually? I’m using gmail

Do you guys have any solution? Cause I just started and I’ve got already a phone verification going on, Is it normal?

How do you guys proceed in creating the email and the account validation?

I’d be glad if someone could help me out!
Thank you guys, I’m not in the Tech Industry, sorry :blush:
But I’m learning!


Good, this is recommended. Some people put more acc.s on a proxy, but this is riskier…

Opening shouldnt be an issue, but clicking on the link. If you do such things, you could open the email, hover over the link, copy it, open a window within Jarvee of the dedicated acc. (PROXY!!) and then copy the link in that browser.

Btw, due to your account name: are you from Indonesia? If so, all the best to you and your people, horrible things have happened :slightly_frowning_face: . Blessings to your folk!!


Other softwares like Jarvee have an inbuilt email verification tool where you can provide the email user & pass details. Check this is the case with Jarvee, it makes it a lot easier.

Like @SkinnyGirl said, don’t click on the link from inside the email as that will then load onto verifying on Instagram using your home/VPS (or whatever) IP that you’re running the email browser on. You can get away with logging onto several different emails on the same IP (probably should be careful of that too though, Gmail is probably stricter with penalties on that, but maybe not) but verifying all your IG accounts from your home IP will have defeated the point of using proxies for your automation, because they’ll now all be linked.

Phone verification is a normal thing, so don’t get concerned with that. I know when I first started I was much more fearful and overly cautious about handling things like verification checkpoints out of not wanting to lose money/effort on accounts mostly, but now it’s just part of the process and just go for it and count your losses. Just try and pass them all to start with and warm up cautiously and you should be fine, or just get some every so often. When you get batches of accounts disabled at once, that’s when you need to explore the issue more. Do you have a method of phone verification yet?


First of all, thank you for your answers! It means a lot (:wink:

Yeah I actually find that out 15min before reading your answer, still getting used to all Jarvee features ahah
Okay so I’ll be careful with that ty!

No, I am not :confused: But people always relate my nickname to the Country.
I love that country and people tho, My blessings to them! :pray::pray::pray:

Yeah I found that today, trying to learn all that Jarvee has to offer! :wink: But thank you for clarifying that point

Hm, good to know! I’m trying to have the best safe and secure proxies and settings out there, I rather go slow and warm them up than getting accounts banned.

Just FYI I’m using:

  • Instagram Proxies from HighProxies
  • UK phone verification from getsmscode for 0,30$ ( I live in Europe (:slight_smile: )

1st week : 20-40 follows/day (+2 per day)
2nd week : 34-54 follow/day (+5 per day)
3nd week: 69-89 follows/day (+20 per day)
4nd week: etc… until It reaches 500-700 follows/day
2 posts a day and half the likes/day, no comments for the moment with sleep time for now

What do you guys think? Is this safe for you?


Smart :slight_smile:

Have heard many people say they don’t work well anymore. But that said, I’ve also used proxies from providers of people saying they don’t work well anymore and have had some accounts function fine on them, so if it works it works. But just keep that in mind as a possibility for the reasoning. You could always consider doing a split test of having another 1 or 2 proxy providers and just a handful of each to try accounts on them at the same time with similar parameters, rather than wasting weeks to find out HighProxies gives you follow blocks or even disables accounts. But you can always switch proxies later on and hopefully won’t have a permanent follow block.

Sounds good. Also, many people say that the country of the phone verification in relation to the account/proxy location is not significant. You can do it if you want though. What I would personally (only as a guess) presume would matter though is that the cheaper SIMs offered are probably more saturated and abused, so therefore that might be an incentive to spend on the higher SIMs. E.g. I know with SMSPVA I had times where using a Russian 15c SIM would not give the SMS or maybe disable the account (with Facebook) but paying more for something like 20c Ukraine would work. That scenario might also be because of Russia having less trusted SIMs, not sure. But anyway, it’s worth knowing that you don’t have to do the same phone location as the accounts.

The settings are certainly safe. They’re slow, if anything, which will be safe, but could afford to go faster and still be safe. Check out Danny @dma0245’s thread for warmup settings. My version since having started from that is basically first day 10-20 follows, and then do 20-30 follows for a week, then increase by 25 per day (maybe by 15 or 20 if you feel you need to play safer) and then after some days, e.g. when it hits 250-300 per day increase it by 50 per day until it hits 500+ to whatever maximum you want. Others talk about increasing by 75 per day but that’s a bit much for me, unless it’s been going for a bit and it’s already doing several hundred follows per day. This sort of warmup will get you doing some decent follows within 2-3 weeks and still be safe.


thank you for this :slight_smile: :angry: :sunglasses:

It’s working just fine for me, I had already 3 open tickets and they answered really quick! Always ready to help and really kind support.
The problem is that they’re a bit expensive :persevere: 2,50$ per IG Proxy.

Thank you for that, after reading your comment I actually verified one of my new accs with a chinese number 0,125$s per sms. Still worth and safe :blush:

Good to know! I’ll look into that and test more “aggressive” settings. Thank you a lot for your explanations. I hope that we can clarify some new minds too! ^.^

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How many follows are you doing per day on them and for how long? That’s the real thing that matters, whether there’s follow blocks.

Got 1 old acc doing 500/day I dunno if i should risk more.

and a bunch of other new accs 1-2 weeks old doing fine too!

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Sounds good then :slight_smile: Probably no harm after a while to try scaling up those follow numbers on account for the sake of experimentation, if you feel like it.


First off IG has became very sensitive about phone verify in the past months. Second, using virtual numbers to PV increases the chances of re-PV ten fold.

Like other members suggested, the only good thing you can do is warming-up more / pausing the accounts that asks for PV for a few days (after PV is done).


I’m definitely learning a lot here, thank you for that.

Well, as I said I’m using getsmscode to Phone verify my accs and they say that their Phone numbers are real SIM cards :sweat_smile: I think so!

I’m getting like 2/3 PV per week per 10 accounts but I think that’s because of my like/follow ratio, It was 1:1 but I may lower that to 0.75:1.
I feel that likes are getting sensitive too or it is just me?