Creating New Instagram Accounts

What is the best way to create 100 instagram accounts? Is it possible to create them all on using Google Chrome on my laptop? Or does doing that from one IP (my laptop) put me at rick for leaving footprints and getting my accounts banned?

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Yes you’ll be leaving a huge footprint if you make 100 accounts from the same IP.

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You need good quality proxies. Assign the accounts to the proxies in MP. Then create the accounts. If you want these accounts to last awhile, it’s best to assign each to just one proxy. If they are short term throwaway spam accounts you can assign up to 5 to one proxy.

If I already created like 30 accounts from the same IP, can I add proxies to them to hide the footprints?

You’ll probably lose the 30 accounts quickly but you can try. It’s a good test.

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Can I add proxies to them now to prevent them from getting them banned?

Adding proxies at this point would be a bit of a waste in my opinion. Better to delete the 30 accounts and start over.

Reason being, you’ll get flagged by Google and then you won’t be able to use their products.

What do you mean I won’t be able to use Google’s products?

If you used gmail accounts to set up the accounts, I’m assuming that’s what you used?

Yes, I did. So I would get banned from Google’s products forever?

Think about it, why would someone suddenly create 30 gmail accounts?

It wasn’t sudden, I created them over a period of 11 months and they were created at different times.

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Pointless to create the accounts yourself.


Happy MPCakeday yo

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Best way is to use mp to creat your account, that way you get a device id and all that stuff. Creating accounts with igramtool for example and then put them in mp i think gets a little suspiciouse/red flag from ig.

Yes, but how do I create many accounts (like 100+) with different IP addresses?

So once I assign the proxy to MP, do I create the instagram accounts in the embedded browser?

Yes asign the proxy then just open the embeded browser and create. Its a pain in the ass to do many, i made a bot that does it all for me in mp. Check out uipath, its a very usefol bot creator for repetive stuff bye