Creating new twitter accounts

Thinking of creating new twitter accounts instead of buying because I want to test some things out.

I heard that you can do 2 accounts/IP and be safe, but also that is risky.
The warming I think is fine with a 2 weeks linking/RT .

What are your opinions ?

I use 5 twitter accounts on my home IP without problems. But these accounts are old. One of the accounts is 9 years old, the other ones all over a year.

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Hi! You can go easy on 5 accs per IP(like add +1 acc per day-two). I’m buying accounts at the moment and all is OK :slight_smile:

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You can run lots of accounts of the same Ip with no problem, its the ip address which they were made on that matters.

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Started testing with my account that is from 2014, and doing some testings because I have my phone number attached to it so if any PV comes I can handle it fast.

Got 2 PV in less than 24 hours because of liking/fallow-unfallow method.

Before the first PV I had the settings set up to 3 to 80 likes/operation in 10 to 15 minutes and 450 to 800 fallowers / day ( very high for first try )

Now I lowered to 3 to 10 likes/operation in 15 to 20 minutes and 400 to 450 fallowers/day

I started with Massplanner some days ago and I am testing with my own private Twitter account. It is 9 years old.

I am surprised to hear people talking about following for example 1000 people a day. EACH day. Normal people will never do this. Even if you have nothing else to do this is hard to do yourself manually. I think I follow between between 8 en 12 people each 30-60 min interval with a max of 200 a day.

No problems till now. I am only a bit dissapointed by the percentage of accounts following me back. I am at 10% or so. Hoped for 50%.

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I doubt you can reach that, many are inactive accounts, bots, people that simply don’t follow back cause you followed them and more. You’d have to target the accounts you follow extremely well in order to avoid all the above so you have a chance at that a high follow back.

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For me follow-unfollow method didn’t worked at twitter. Nearly 0 traffic got back + all the times PV/email confirm. So I DO NOT follow users anymore ( only if follow my own accounts to don’t have 0 followers ).

Now I’m doing more LIKES and TWEETS ( also retweet own tweets from other acc ), as from there goes all traffic.
Doing tweets from 5 per day + increase by 5 every on fresh acc. Older accs do 300-500 tweets (likes about 1.5 times more).

Anyway I’m getting PV/email confirm time after time. It’s normal. Usually have PV, when acc don’t have mobile phone attached. And later you can choose confirm by email or phone. Usually have 4-5 confirms on acc and then it lives forever ( I hope :smiley: )