Creating proxy from iphone devices (will pay)

Hey guys, so I am looking to create my own proxies, I got around 10 iphones and 10 sim cards with unlimited internet on them.
I spent last 3 days trying to read all posts and everything, but I can’t find a way to create them,
I saw some site called proxy know, but I am not sure if they really can teach me that, so I don’t want to spend money on something that might work.
If you can show me how to create proxy from my iphones I am willing to pay $250 for that.
I want to use those proxies on jarvee.


Even I will be interested for this,stacked up with many Iphones and Sim Cards too so this will help me too.

I can help pm sent

10 iphones will probably interfere with each other in terms of internal IP to be recognized by your PC/ laptop. 8 is what I managed to connect at once, and I used every iphone model released (each gen tend to have different IP -, etc…)
Usually two phones of the same gen, 5s for example, will have the same IP.

Go with androids of different brands, much bigger batch

I’m willing to explain how to setup this in exchange for tips how to get better reach of posts nowadays, and no, content is great- it’s about how trick the algo as some of my accounts have insane reach and some have no reach at all with the same content, and the same actions performed by them. I don’t accept cash.

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