Creating texts from SPIN SYNTAX

Hey! I got a big list of people who filled up the questionnaire and I got this information (this is an example):

40 priešpiet

The thing is that my having each person’s website url, name, age and occupation, I want to make personalized texts to send out to each of them.

This is the example of the text:

Hey [NAME], how are you today? I have seen you on [WEBSITE] as you would be a nice person in our company. As I can see, you are [AGE] years old and you are [OCCUPATION]. Please let me know if you are interested. Thank you.

The question is:

Is it possible to write a script / or maybe there is some kind of existing software that could generate different texts by using spin syntax by defining variables?
The thing is that I have an EXCEL file with thousands of people with such information (website url, name, age, occupation) and by applying spin syntax, I would like to get a CSV/TXT file with generated text for each person by applying SPIN SYNTAX TEMPLATE and defined variables.

Maybe someone has to write such a program or maybe there is existing one that could do such a task?

Thank you :):slight_smile:

Just copy it so you can edit

Edit , wait a second, how are you going to use it? :smile:


Thanks for suggestion!

Currently I found out a method to generate the texts for thousands of people by using excel, but without spin syntax, by using such formula:

=B2&" “&”, how are you today? I found out you are “&C2&” "&“years old” and such… by using &

But I have to include spintax as well into that, dunno how

not sure i understand what you are saying… i am using spintax in the example above